Making the decision to seek help or engage in therapy is not always easy. It is important to find someone who listens to you, and whom you feel you can trust. Training, skill, and experience are important, but so is the willingness to engage with you as a person.

We all have patterns of thinking, reacting and behaving that are not in our best interest or that were useful in the past but are not any longer. Equally, we have inner resources and strengths of which we are sometimes not aware. Therapy should not only improve the immediate problem, but also teach skills for tackling future problems.

The areas in which I specialise include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, relationships, parenting, emotional and behavioural problems in children, and the stresses and traumas of life. I have particular interest in mental health issues, blended families, step-parenting, intercountry adoption, sleep difficulties, grief, and adjustment to disability or chronic illness.

Much of my therapy is short-term, designed to achieve long-lasting results in the minimum time by using therapies proven to be effective. I work with people across the age spectrum, and appointments are available for individuals, couples, or families.

In addition to therapy, I provide supervision, assessments, consultation, and community education. I do not write legal reports or provide therapy to sexual offenders.

Dr Kate Alessia

Droylsden House

143-145 Baillie Street

Horsham 3400

Ph: 0400 444 040


Did you know? You do not need a referral to see a psychologist. However, with a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP, you can claim Medicare rebates for some types of consultations.